Anxiety Attacks Workplace Anxiety

Anxiety Attacks Workplace Anxiety

November 7, 2018 By Hypnotherapy Newcastle

Anxiety attacks are very common in the workplace and can result in many people having to take time off work. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder consider using hypnotherapy for anxiety at Quays Clinic.

Anxiety Attacks Panic Attacks

Anxiety can cause many different things to happen which can include, time off work, poor health conditions, workplace violence, and reasons for quitting a job

Chronic anxiety symptoms often lead to problems outside the office including damage to relationships and sometimes even drug and alcohol abuse.

What Causes Anxiety Attacks?

Learning about anxiety and what causes anxiety symptoms is very important if you need to eliminate anxiety attacks.

There are many different situations which cause anxiety attacks and panic attacks in the workplace:

  • Not getting on well with other work colleagues.
  • Having to work long hours.
  • Having too much work to do and very little time to complete it.
  • Not having a good relationship with a manager.

Its very important to be able to recognize the anxiety symptoms as they start to occur so that you can stop the anxiety attacks before they happen.

Anxiety Symptoms And Anxiety Attacks

It’s very important to know what anxiety symptoms to look out for:

  • Panic.
  • Fear.
  • Sleep problems.
  • Not being able to stay calm and still.
  • Cold, sweaty, numb, or tingling hands or feet.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Heart palpitations.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Nausea.

Chronic Anxiety And Anxiety Attacks

One of the main types of workplace anxiety is chronic anxiety. This is most often caused by either long hours, harsh conditions, or a pattern of constant mental anguish or physical exertion.

Many different companies require far too much from their employees and this stress and anxiety is a leading cause of many ailments including:

  • Heart attacks.
  • Strokes.
  • Drug abuse.
  • Alcohol abuse.

Anxiety disorders and anxiety attacks often resulting in a shorter life expectancy if no anxiety treatment is undertaken.

Anxiety Attacks In Dangerous Situations

For those who work in dangerous situations such as firefighting, police work, or the military, anxiety attacks and panic attacks can cause the suffering to lose their job.

If you are working in an environment where dangerous situations can happen and you notice anxiety symptoms are surfacing in yourself, get some anxiety treatment as soon as it’s possible.

In these types of jobs its very important for people to have good mental health and physical fitness.

Relationships And Anxiety Attacks

Another type of workplace anxiety is caused by the personal relationships we often make with co-workers which leads to emotional anxiety.

This can be caused by harsh criticism from managers, office politics, or other issues.

In this case, anxiety management can be easily attained by keeping personal issues and relationships out of the workplace.

Learn some anxiety management techniques such as:

  • Deep breathing.
  • Self-hypnosis.
  • Meditation.
  • Physical relaxation.

This breaks the anxiety cycle that often occurs at work and brings a sense of relaxation to the mind.


Quays Clinic has been helping many of its clients to eliminate their anxiety disorders and anxiety attacks for over thirteen years. Get some anxiety treatment today.

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